The Fountain Hills Leadership Academy is a rewarding program that extends well beyond the initial weekly class sessions and progressively leads to becoming a part of the growing Alumni Community. Each year, the Academy accepts only 15-20 candidates. Throughout the program, each participant is expected to be fully committed and fulfill the following requirements:

  • Join fellow classmates for the Academy program orientation and get acquainted gathering.

  • Actively participate in the 8-week Academy program.  Classes are held once per week, generally 8 am to 1 pm, but may go longer. With the exception of illness or family emergency, absences are generally not permitted.

  • Conceptualize, research and present a Project that identifies a solution for an area of our community that may be improved.  Projects may be done individually or as teams with fellow program participants.

  • Volunteer to assist—as a team—with the annual Poinsettia Tree project, an I Love Fountain Hills fundraiser, including promotion, sales, resource coordination and project execution.

  • Lead, plan and carry out —from beginning to end—the entire Leadership Academy experience for the next year’s incoming class.  This will include a series of planning meetings, starting shortly after graduation and continuing through November of the following year.  All class members will automatically become a part of the Planning Committee responsible for overseeing and coordinating the next Leadership class including:

    • Establishing the weekly class schedule

    • Proctoring class sessions

    • Coordinating speakers

    • Engaging sponsors

    • Managing the entire program experience from the candidate’s application to graduation

  • Maintain an annual membership in the I Love Fountain Hill organization, also known as Fountain Hills Cultural and Civic Association (FHCCA)

Once accepted in the program, you will receive a welcome letter from the Leadership Academy Board of Directors.  To register for the Leadership Academy program, payment of a non-refundable $250 tuition fee is required. The fee covers an initial year of membership in I Love Fountain HIlls, the Leadership Academy program materials and also partially offsets other class related costs.