AED Project

AEDThe AED Project was started in 2003 by long-time Fountain Hills resident Phil Gaziano.  Inspired by learning that the governor of New York had mandated the installation of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in all public buildings, school district buildings, police vehicles, and state parks within the state of New York, Gaziano got to work with the mission of bringing AEDs to our Town.

Once the AEDs were in place in Fountain Hills public facilities, the Fire Department has been inspecting and maintaining them under the auspices of their Public Access Defibrillator or PAD program.

The FHCCA Defibrillator Project’s present mission is to assist the Town’s PAD program by working to:

  • Identify and maintain a current list of all AEDs in our community, both public and privately owned;
  • Assist non-profit and other organizations in need with funding for necessary maintenance of their AEDs;
  • Increase citizen awareness on the locations of our local AEDs and the availability of training and on the these lifesaving devices.


Studies show that CPR and use of AEDs within minutes of a sudden cardiac arrest can dramatically raise survival rates.  

Fountain Hills firefighters teach CPR and AED certification classes each month at the Community Center. Sign up to classes here