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The Civic Affairs Committee exists for the purpose of promoting civic involvement of residents in the Town of Fountain Hills, particularly in the promotion of voter participation in local elections.

Civic Affairs today

 The Executive Board approved the appointment of Geoff Yazzetta to the Board of Directors to represent Civic Affairs.  Mike Hoops and Geoff will work together over the next few months to achieve a successful leadership transition as we head into the Fall. Geoff attended Northeastern University where he studied Business Management. He moved to Fountain Hills in the Fall of 2021, where he is the Chief Operations Officer at Mulligan Valley Capital. Geoff is a graduate of the Fountain Hills Leadership Academy, Class of 2022.


The origin of Civic Affairs dates back to 2010.  That year, then-FHCCA President Boyce Baldwin and Committee Chairman Jerry Caldwell organized meetings to allow residents to participate in Candidate Forums for Mayor and Town Council candidates.

Over the years, Civic Affairs has hosted candidate forums for Fountain Hills United School District Board Elections and Fountain Hills Sanitary District Board Elections.  Special forums were held in 2013 and 2017 for bond elections.

In recent years, FHCCA has partnered with the local Chamber of Commerce, with SRP serving as lead sponsor, to present these Mayoral and Town Council forums.   The most recent of these was a virtual event conducted as an online webinar in June 2020.

The format of information from the individual candidate statements and the question and answer segments gave residents an opportunity to learn more about each candidates’ positions on major issues facing the Town.

Other functions of the Committee over the years have been to encourage high voter turnout in Town elections and to educate high school students in democracy and voting rights.

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