Community Band

Fountain Hills Community BandThe Fountain Hills Community Band was founded on February 19, 2009, as a community partner under the auspices of the Fountain Hills Cultural and Civic Association.

The band’s purpose is to provide a quality local source of concert band music for the enjoyment of the people of Fountain Hills and surrounding communities. In providing concert band music to the community, the members of the band have a strong interest in supporting patriotic groups in Fountain Hills. The Band assists in local holiday/celebratory activities.

We have a commitment to being an inclusive group inviting any person with at least a high school music education to take part in the band experience.

The band serves as an advocate for a variety of music-big band, military marches, and other concert band classics to ensure that this wonderful instrumental music continues to be performed and enjoyed by all ages.

October 19, 2021 is the start date for our next season.