Community Garden

The Fountain Hills Community Garden is a gathering place where residents can learn to garden, grow healthy produce, connect with nature, stay physically active and build social interactions. It offers a quiet and restful setting for the enjoyment of the natural world of plants, birds, insects and soil. It is a place of inter-generational relationships, where Master Gardeners can share their wisdom about progressive gardening techniques, composting and water conservation to young children and adults.

 The organic fruits and vegetables grown in the garden can be donated to food banks, shelters, and help underserved families. Over the course of three years, dozens of volunteers have enthusiastically worked to create a nurturing garden space where we build a sense of community, provide gardening lessons for children and adults, and grow nutritious, organic produce while beautifying our town. Our garden now includes:

  • 117 leased beds
  • 6 ADA beds
  • 5 Food Bank donation beds
  • Greenhouse and work area
  • 2 garden sheds
  • Beehive enclosure with 3-4 hives
  • 6 compost bins
  • Shaded pavilion and farm to table demonstration area

 The Garden is located in the Heart of Fountain Hills adjacent to the Town Library, Community Center and Town Hall. This central location makes it convenient for residents to enjoy and to participate in Garden activities.

Community Garden Bed