In-Home Concerts

In-Home Concerts organizes three Classical and three Jazz concerts in private homes each spring. The concerts benefit the community by providing quality musical concerts locally. Guests can socialize up close and personal with the artists in this intimate setting. Enjoy complimentary wine and refreshments while mingling with other guests and the artists.

In-Home Concerts started with the vision of Evelyn Breting in 1991. She always wanted to listen to chamber music like people did in private salons in the old days.

Stay tuned for the 2021 concert season.

In-Home Concerts Committee

  • Carol Coates  |  Chair
  • Sharon Vendenberg  |  Co-chair
  • Jean Linzer  |  Sales and marketing
  • April Sessner  |  Sales and marketing
  • Bev Tall |  Assistant


In Home Concerts