Munch and Music

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Munch & Music is a series of four springtime concerts that brings in high-quality performers from around the Valley. Every concert is free to the public and is hosted at the Fountain Hills Community Center.

The idea for Munch & Music started fifteen years ago as a way to feature some of the great performing talents we have in our community. Concerts were scheduled for the spring to include the thousands of winter visitors who come for our warm climate and winter activities.

The original thought of having a Noon concert was so that people could bring a sack lunch to enjoy during the hour of musical entertainment, thus the name Munch & Music. In reality, people seldom bring food to the events, but the name stuck and is widely recognized in the community.

The popularity of the concert series has grown each year and the events had to move from the Community Center’s lobby into a small ballroom and continuing to expand from there.

The concerts have attracted local talent as well as famous entertainment names from all over Arizona. Groups like the OK Chorale Cowboy Trio, Fountain Hills High School Jazz Band, Fountain Hills Saxophone Quartet, Blues Hall of Fame member Hans Olson, and Las Vegas Legends performer Dave Karl (as Kenny Rogers) have brought rave reviews from our attendees.

These concerts have been made possible over the years by the Fountain Hills Community Center, Encore, Fountain Hills Senior Services, and FHCCA.

Munch & Music Is Organized By:

Tiffany McVeety