Pilot Pumphouse Program

The Pilot Pump House Pilot Program will be an outreach to artists locally and regionally and will help to bring recognition to Fountain Hills with a fresh artistic approach annually to our Fountain Park giving visitors a reason to return.

The Public Art Committee is proposing to create an outdoor art gallery exhibit for the mural wall at Fountain Park. The committee will create a regional call to artists for 2D art to be transposed onto 4’h x 8’w (horizontal) Dibond brushed metal panels. There is approximately 80’ of mural wall adjacent to the sidewalk.  We are estimating over 100 applicants and eight finalists will be chosen. The theme for this year is “Legends and Lore of the Valley of the Sun.” Each panel will have the artist’s name, title of the piece, a small descriptive paragraph and a potential sponsor of the panel.

This plan will be funded by the FHCCA.  We will do it through a program of financial sponsorship raised from local individuals and businesses. We hope in future versions of this project, we may have the opportunity to raise funds beyond the cost of the project and be able to direct those funds back into art education for our local youth, one of the areas of our public education that desperately needs support. 

This project would be a pilot program for a one-year period. During that year, public support of the project will determine if the committee continues the program.  The benefits of this project will allow for professional art to be on display, changing every year offering a fresh, new visual perspective and theme.


If you or someone you know would like to be a sponsor, please fill out the form linked below.
If you are an interested Artist, please visit the link below.