Nonprofit Network

Nonprofit Network

Nonprofit Network

The origins for our Nonprofit Network reach back to 2019 as we brainstormed ways to bring together the local nonprofit leaders to network in a meaningful way. As we were trying some new things, the pandemic hit, and everyone was thrown into the world of the unknown.

We started getting an idea of the new challenges our friends in other nonprofits were facing, and the idea for a quarterly retreat solidified. We hosted our first one in September 2020 with a dozen local leaders. We shared the vision for the Nonprofit Network, explained FHCCA’s role in the community, and asked them to share their challenges and victories.

Our second retreat was held virtually in January 2021 with 24 participants. Here is what we shared:

  • Why your website is your most important marketing tool and how to treat it as such.
  • How to leverage social media for free marketing and greater exposure in the community.
  • How to communicate directly to your audience/members with a regular newsletter.
  • Why an event calendar on your website is so valuable and how you can sync it with Fountain Hills Live (soon to become Desert Vibe).
  • Why it’s crucial that you set up all these accounts with a general organization email instead of someone’s personal email.

The feedback we’ve received on this second retreat has been amazing. A couple of the organizations who have extensive experience in these areas also shared tips from what they have done, too.

If you are a leader or volunteer of a local nonprofit and you would like to attend our next retreat in April, please reach out to us at

We also have a separate section of this website dedicated to this program. CLICK HERE to learn more.